Menéndez, Adrián

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Adrián Menéndez (b. Madrid, Spain, 1992) is a Cuban-American artist based in Miami. In 2008, the sixth generation artist exhibited a wood carving which denounced the human being as a predator of nature. This piece won him the Miami-Dade Public School Art Competition. His preliminary style began to form in 2010, this is a period in which he uses realism in relation to pop art to express social commentary. One such piece (The Pink) was exhibited in Beautified Objects and marks an important development in his visual language, a shift from draftsmanship to sculptural exploration. By 2014 his style came into maturity through the exploration of abstract neo expression, the fusion of the geometric, and the gestural. He is currently completing his studies in Art History and Philosophy at Florida International University (FIU), and serves as an assistant art teacher at a Miami Dade Public School. Today his abstract works consolidate a philosophical, intimate and spiritual message through a collection that will soon be exhibited under the title Fluorescent Black.