Eduardo M. Abela Torrás. (b. Havana, 1963) Graduated from San Alejandro in 1991. His father, J. Eduardo Abela Alonso, and grandfather, Eduardo Abela, are accomplished painters. He is a member of the UNEAC (National Union of Cuban Writers and Artists), member of the Experimental Graphic Workshop and of the Humorists Association of Cuba. Abela has exhibited extensively in Cuba, but has also participated in group and solo shows in Spain, Italy, Puerto Rico, Panama, Sante Fe, Chicago and various locations in Florida. His paintings offer a witty, often comedic view of Cuban history and social events. ​ “between the sixty and the eighty the pleasant speeches of the appointment, the parody or the silepsis like supreme ways prevailed of transforming into emblem the practice of new-baroque colloquy that still when he enjoys the distance of the relating one, he still prefers not to whisk away it of an everything. In the ninety the sensibility of the pastiche substitutes however, to the thickness of the parody, and the mockery comes to be the last consequence of the perverse sketch: you ends up emulating a relating text that doesn't exist that is invented by the own grimace. It is for it that the appropriation term gives before other subtler, that of intervention, apparently robbed of the boasting of its precedent” ​ Fragments of the text Credulous yesterday, rebellious always. July, 1998 by ​Rufo Caballero.

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Abela Torrás, Eduardo M.

in the collection of the Fine Art Ceramic Center

Abela Torrás, Eduardo M.

Super Miguel, 2015, acrylic on canvas, 79 x 39”
San Cristobal, 2015, acrylic on canvas, 79 x 39"
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