At MoCA-Americas, we believe that access to art forms the bedrock of a comprehensive education. Creativity lies at the heart of human experience. MoCA-Americas' artistic and collaborative programs provide an open platform for all creators, students, emerging artists, and notably, female artists. These programs are designed to inspire, engage, provoke constructive dialogues, and reflect the subjectivity of their diverse audiences. They carry out enriching activities and specific events to create experiences that connect the community with the world of ideas, collective subjectivity, and above all, the artistic experience.

Our annual program 'Women in the Arts' is aimed at supporting women in the arts and enhancing their artistic careers. It particularly promotes the work of many who are underrepresented in traditional artistic circles, both American and Latin.

The Art in the Community program was designed to give a voice to local artists. MoCA-Americas understands that a local artist is not just someone who lives and works within the South Florida community, but anyone who has Latin roots or points of contact with its culture, whether through occasional collaborations or any kind of interest converging in inclusive and binding expressions. MoCA-Americas is committed to also supporting mid-career artists.

Within this program, we find initiatives like Musical Canvas, offering spaces for musicians and artists of the musical genre to share their art with those interested in visual arts. Art & Literature, designed to support publishers, authors, and magazine editors focused on art through book presentations and lectures in one of our gallery spaces surrounded by a curated selection from our permanent collection. Lastly, Art & Kids supports projects like children's book presentations and guided tours for elementary and middle school students.

SOFLO New Art opens doors for emerging artists who have not had the opportunity to display their work in public spaces. It was conceived primarily to launch the careers of BFA and MFA students, complementing graduation requirements with an exhibition in a legitimized space. Over time, and as usually happens with the rest of the programs, it has evolved to be more inclusive and pragmatic to multiply its opportunities while maintaining its essence. This program aligns effectively with our mission to support emerging artists.

At MoCA-Americas, the dissemination of art in the community and its real impact are critical measures of our success. We align our future with that of the city, contributing to its symbolic and aesthetic heritage with educational and local beautification initiatives through visual arts and all arts in general.

Collaborations with other institutions, curators, artists, and museum professionals continue to be one of the main ways in which MoCA-Americas fulfills its educational and institutional mission to forge and safeguard fruitful working relationships in the arts.

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