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Artistic License III

The third edition of Artistic License was inaugurated on Friday, August 4th, with the presence of over twenty artist professors and cultural and educational personalities from Miami Dade County. The event featured a public interaction initiative and a musical performance.

Curated by Alina Rodríguez and Jorge Rodríguez Diez (R10)

August 4th - 30th | 2023

As we evolve into an increasingly visually-oriented society, the skills to identify and distinguish valuable objects, interpret symbolic meanings, and swiftly organize a deluge of captivating visual stimuli become indispensable. Contemporary education now more than ever requires educators specialized in visuality and, by extension, in the realm of visual arts.

The artist-educator has always held a prominent position within the educational profession. Successful art teachers possess the unique ability to grasp the creative process and convey this elusive knowledge to others. One of their most valued competencies is the skill to instill a sense of achievement in their students, especially those who underperform in traditional subjects. This is primarily because all humans inherently seek to express their individuality. The study and practice of art nurture this desire distinctively. Thus, the journey from visualization to the final product becomes an exemplary discipline for students not particularly engaged in their academic pursuits. Hence, guidance throughout this process by the seasoned artist-educator becomes invaluable. Artist-educators recognize the challenge of balancing disparate roles and responsibilities. They manage unruly expectations and often experience a unique, often unspoken joy reserved only for these professionals when those they've mentored finally find their own path. It's the continuation of an ancient and honorable ritual designed to ensure a student avoids the gravest danger: failing to fully harness their potential.

In light of this, the Florida Legislature established the "Artistic License" funding program in 1994, aiming to support artistic organizations, programs, and cultural activities within their counties. This also sought to enhance the skills of these educators to reach their zenith as creators, promoting their spiritual well-being.

Since 2010, the Miami-Dade County Public Schools have organized Summer Symposia and mini-workshops for Visual Arts Teachers with funding from Artistic License, provided by the County's Office of Cultural Affairs. Hundreds of teachers have had the opportunity to collaborate with artists from the Miami community and abroad. As a result, they've created numerous artworks, rejuvenating their creative spirit. The outcomes of these collaborations span a broad spectrum of works in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional mediums, showcased in two prior exhibitions.

The inaugural Artistic License exhibition debuted in September 2013 at the Coral Gables Museum. Presented by the Visual Arts Department of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools, it showcased the work of Miami's artist educators and international counterparts, alongside visual art instructors who trained under their guidance. The juried exhibition provided a unique insight into not only the artists' array of mediums but also how they inspire art educators to reconnect with their inner artist after years of service.

The second installment of Artistic License was sponsored by DACRA, Miami Design District, and organized by Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Division of Academic Support, Visual and Performing Arts, and the Dade Art Educators Association. It opened on February 21, 2015, in Miami's Design District, featuring an extensive array of artists, and once again offering an exceptional opportunity for self-exploration and discovery.

In this same spirit, the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Americas in Kendall embarks this summer on a third initiative. It is honored to present to the community the work of over twenty artists from across the County committed to artistic education. The exhibition will be open to the public throughout August in both museum halls. Within this exhibit's context and owing to his involvement in this and numerous other projects, the MoCA-Americas' permanent hall will henceforth be named the Aldo Menéndez Hall.

The exhibition features 25 artists, showcasing a diverse array of works in traditional genres such as painting, sculpture, textile art, installation, printmaking, and notable art objects. The show was further enriched by the vibrant participation of the contemporary music duo, Pocket of Lollipops, who shared several of their compositions with the audience.


Ray Azcuy
Untitled (Cultural Borders)
Acrylic on Wood Panel |  48 x 60 Inches

Patricia Cummins
Keys Gulls
Oil on Canvas | 12 x 24 Inches

Peter Demercado
Iron Head
Found objects / bricolage | 30 x 18 Inches

Zahra Farooq
Ode to Pakistan
Mixed Media | 10 x 10 Inches

Susan Feliciano

Tuscany Series, 2016
Pastel on Paper | 36 x 48 Inches

Rosemary Fineberg

Estada 1
Acrylic on Canvas | 16 x 20 Inches

Sara Gagliano Alfaro
Charette, 2021
Mixed Media on Canvas | 31 x 40 Inches

Maria Lantigua
Forest, 2022
Photomontage | 16 x 11 Inches

Linda Mangual
8 Screws, 2023Digital Image with Drawing, color Pencil and mixed Media
(sewn flowers and gold embroidery threads) on raw Canvas | 10 x 12½ x ½ Inches

Shelly McCoy
Menage A Trois, 2023
Textile portraits using fabric only | 38 x 28 Inches

Adrián Menández

Enframed, 2023
Installation: Molding, Mats and Glass | Variable Dimentions

Ivonne Ferrer

Introspección, 2023
Casting Bronze | 17 x 14 x 9 Inches

Aldo Menéndez
From Retratos en chino Series,
La civilización del espectáculo, 2016
Mixed media on Canvas | 31 x 31 Inches

Aurora Molina
As the world falls apart around us, 2021
Embroidery on vinyl | 7 x 4 ft

Julie Orsini Shakher
Abyss No. 1, 2022
Oil on Canvas | 40 x 40 Inches

Evelyn Politzer
Thank You But No, Thank You, 2020
Hand crocheted with plastic Yarn. Embroidered with cotton thread | 15 x 10 x 6 Inches

Alexander Richard Carbonell
Unwinding Waters, 2022
Art Assemblage / Metal plates hand scratched. Mixed media | 12 ft

Cathi Rivera
From The Art of the Circle Collection: Everything / Nothing, 2022
Pendant, Silver, pearls, TilaGlass, Rose Quartz | 18 x 15 x 15 Inches

Alina Rodriguez-Rojo
Dressed to Charm the Gods, 2023
Sculpture, weaving, merino wool, t-shirt yarn, Vicuña wool, recycled sari silk,
found object | 15 x 23 x 5 Inches

Carlos Sanjurjo
Amar con cariño, 2023
Collage | 20 x 23 Inches

Damian Rojo
Sculpture, carving, found Object

Silvana Soriano
Under the Skin, 2023
Mixed Media on Canvas | 48 x 36 Inches

Mirena Suárez
Scar Tissue, 2023
Mixed Media (acrylic sheets, archival pigment print, human hair, electric cables, plastic)Variable Dimensions (30 x 50 Inches approximately)

Jaime West
Everglades National Park from Tamiami Trail Levee, Florida, 2023
Watercolor on Paper | 18 x 24 Inches

Under the ArtKids Fun Program

Make Your Mark by Susan Feliciano at the opening of Artistic License III

Susan Feliciano has conceived '' as a way to engage the public in an act of creation, with one of the simplest methods being drawing. This technique is entirely feasible with minimal resources and without significant logistical investment. Visitors are offered the choice of a wide variety of sizes, textures, and colors. They are also provided with various drawing materials, ranging from basic items like pens, markers, and colored pencils to professional-grade charcoal and pastels.


Pocket of Lollipops at the opening of Artistic License III

Dagger Zine remarked that Pocket of Lollipops had a truly unique sound that was hard to pin down but easy to like. And rightly so, as this was the overarching impression of most attendees at the launch of Artistic License's third edition at the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Americas in Kendall. The duo put on a small concert for artists, family members, and the general public in the Aldo Menéndez hall, which typically showcases the institution's permanent collection.


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The Kendall Art Cultural Center (KACC), dedicated the past six years to the preservation and promotion of contemporary art and artists, and to the exchange of art and ideas throughout Miami and South Florida, as well as abroad. Through an energetic calendar of exhibitions, programs, and its collections, KACC provides an international platform for the work of established and emerging artists, advancing public appreciation and understanding of contemporary art.


Passion and Instinct: Collecting Art

A resemblance of the Rodriguez Collection

The Rodríguez collection is a blueprint of Cuban art and its diaspora. Within the context of the new MoCA-Americas the collection becomes an invaluable visual source for Diaspora identity. It represents a different approach to art history to try to better understand where we come from to better know where we are heading.


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