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Ciconia Project at MoCAA

The Ciconia Project, conceived by artist, curator, and cultural promoter Carola Bravo, represents a unique artistic experience aiming to foster art collecting and appreciation within the community. It has been sponsored by visionaries who believe in art's power to connect and unite its various players and spectators.

Curated by Carola Bravo and Jorge Rodríguez Diez (R10)

August 4th - 30th | 2023

Ciconia showcases the work of nine female artists from across the Americas, all residing in South Florida. They are Jennifer Basile, Carola Bravo, Maritza Caneca, Marina Font, Leslie Gabaldón, Aurora Molina, Najj Moon, Evely Politzer, and Nina Surel.

The 'Ciconia Art Collection' draws inspiration from white storks. These captivating migratory birds are shrouded in myths and legends. Throughout history, the symbolism of their nine-month migration pattern, combined with myths and concepts of provision, resilience, and creativity, has made them emblematic of birth and the beginning of life.

The 'Ciconia Art Collection' is a membership agreement benefiting all parties involved, allowing them to experience the joy of Art. Through this collection, Hartves Project and Carola Bravo promote art collecting. It is also a socially responsible collective effort that creates a new avenue for artistic connections, fostering new touchpoints among artists, art experts, art lovers, local entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations.

HARVEST PROJECT stemmed from a personal dream. The dream of inspiring as many people as possible to appreciate, enjoy, and collect art! Carola Bravo, an active artist and longtime educator, founded HARVEST PROJECT in 2014 as an initiative committed to "sowing art seeds", meaning: promoting art appreciation and collecting through "immersive educational experiences."

The project has hosted 155 artistic events, invited 85 local artists, aligned with pertinent causes and social welfare programs, and amassed a group of captivated followers! We are immensely proud that our innovative programs and unique approach to art appreciation have been a source of inspiration for many individuals, private and public institutions, art galleries, non-profit organizations, and schools.

So, what's inside a 'Ciconia Box'?Each month, for nine months, Ciconia has been delivering 100 white boxes to the homes of all involved. Just as European legends depict: storks nest on a home's roof to bring good fortune and the start of a new life! Inside each box, they find:

An original art piece, from a limited edition of 100 prints made specifically for the project, and for one time only, by a local artist; a black and white illustration—also in a limited edition of 100 prints—crafted by a local artist, meant for their collection or to be modified by the recipient; a gift or sensory item made by a local entrepreneur; a personalized invitation to a virtual art experience, either by the participating artist or an art expert. It also includes a biography of the artists, information on local art events, and a Certificate of Authenticity bearing the Seal of the Harvest Project.

Carola Bravo

Carola Bravo is a Miami based artist well known for her immersive video-installations, site-specific installations, urban interventions, and intimate studio artworks that address space, changing territories and their geometry.  Her work revolves around the immemorial dilemma between reality and illusion and the philosophical dilemmas of knowledge.  Her proposal is a permanent reification of space through the projection of the images that evoke it, exploring the possibility that spaces might retain a sort of memory of the actions that have taken place in them and constituing a kind of subjective architecture.  Bravo is a trained architect, a lover of literature, a Doctorate Candidate for a Ph.D in Architecture from The Central University in Venezuela, from where she also obtained, in 2003, a Master in Art History. She received her BSc in Architecture from the Philadelphia Colleges of the Arts, Philadephia, USA, in 1987.

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