April 26th, 2023

Leonardo Rodríguez, President of the Board of Directors of MoCAA, visits sculptor Carlos Albert in his Madrid studio

By MoCA-Americas Team

As part of the scheduled activities for his visit to Madrid, Leonardo Rodríguez visited the studio of renowned Spanish sculptor Carlos Albert. Rodríguez took part in the presentation of the book Carlos Albert, Towards the Unknown, written by the distinguished art critic, theorist, and cultural promoter Alberto de la Torre at the Sabatini Auditorium of the National Museum and Art Center Reina Sofía. The meeting discussed details regarding the presentation of the same book at the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Americas and a potential exhibition of collages, drawings, and sculptures by the artist at the museum, planned for September 2024. Carlos Albert visited the museum during the last edition of Art Basel Miami and made a favorable impression on the board, which, combined with the high quality of his artistic proposal, generated a series of interesting initiatives to exhibit his art in the United States, specifically in South Florida.

Carlos Albert Andrés (born 24 February 1978) is a Spanish sculptor. He was one of the Group 99, whose manifesto intends to exalt the traditional values art. Albert works mainly with wrought iron and weathering steel. He considers Sculpture to share many of the features of drawing, and emphasizes in his work, skill and handling of these materials, especially iron, making drawings of his pieces "three-dimensional" creating empty spaces in the masses from tracks that seem to come alive. In his artistic creations is more important what he evokes and suggests to the viewer that what is represented. His career is part of abstract art.


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