April 26th, 2023

MoCAA presents Carlos Albert's latest book at theMuseo Reina Sofía in Madrid

By MoCA-Americas Team

Leonardo Rodríguez, President and Founder of the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Americas, presented the book "Carlos Albert. Road to the Unknown" by the renowned Spanish art theorist and critic Alfonso de la Torre, in Madrid. The event took place in the Sabatini Auditorium of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.With this project, the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Americas continues a purpose that has been repeatedly interrupted by the coronavirus crisis and the war in Ukraine: the creation of MoCA-A Editions. Having its own publishing house has been a long-considered project aimed at publishing educational monographs on key artists from its collection, as well as specific topics of artistic and community interest.

In the same vein, MoCA-Americas is also working on the creation of the editorial profiles for a visual arts magazine that will initially be published biannually, starting in the second half of 2024. Also present at the launch were Cécile de Froidmont, Director of Aquilaluna Art Gallery and Nivaldo Carbonell, Director of NG Art Gallery, both co-sponsors of the project.

En una breve comparescencia que reproducimos a continuación el Sr. Rodríguez hizo un resumen de los propósitos, metas y de las últimas novedades del Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de las Américas:

"Thank you all for joining us today. At the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Americas, MoCAA, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment. Our dedication to preserving and highlighting contemporary Caribbean and Latin American art is more crucial than ever. Our ambition extends beyond being merely a museum; we aspire to be a dynamic community nexus that mirrors the rich diversity of South Florida and beyond.

We are enthusiastic about the innovative paths we are embarking on. In this post-pandemic period, our commitment to community engagement has deepened. We aim to elevate new perspectives by embracing a wide array of voices, artists, methods, and practices. Our mission transcends art display; we endeavor to nurture an environment conducive to dialogue, discovery, and critical reflection. Our programs are meticulously crafted to provide a communal space for research, learning, dialogue, education, and enjoyment. MoCAA is a forum for open discussion, a place where the concept of community is paramount. Our priority is to ensure inclusivity and to ensure that a multitude of perspectives is represented and valued, fostering a sense of respect and engagement with the museum's ongoing initiatives.

Our collection, with its strong Cuban roots, showcases the vibrant mosaic of our collective heritage and the profound impact of Hispanidad on our cultural identity. This heritage forms the foundation of our programming, underscoring our celebration of the vast contributions of the Spanish language and culture to the arts. The influence of Spain, its language, and its artistic character, is intrinsic to the cultural melange that defines Cubanidad.

MoCAA stands as a beacon of inclusivity, not extravagance. Our goal is to champion artists who share the same inspirations as the artists we showcase, particularly those who have experienced Cuba and the broader artistic traditions of the Americas. We place as much value on friendship as we do on talent, which is why we eagerly supported the career of Carlos Albert, a multifaceted artist who recently spent time with us in Miami, exploring our galleries. I have been familiar with Carlos's work since my time in Cuba, and his talent has long captured our attention.

We are excited to reveal that we will soon host the first U.S. museum exhibition for Carlos Albert, whose work resonates with our mission. This exhibition affirms our belief in the symbiotic relationship between friendship and talent, and we are honored to introduce his distinctive sculptures to the South Florida art community and beyond.

In conclusion, I offer my sincere gratitude to Carlos for allowing us the privilege of presenting his remarkable work. We eagerly anticipate hosting more events like this in the future, including a forthcoming presentation in Kendall. We invite you to join us on this exhilarating journey as we delve into the ever-changing realm of contemporary art in the Americas.

Thank you for your support and for being part of our endeavor to establish MoCAA as a luminary of art and culture in the Americas."

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