May 9th, 2024

O Sangue no Alguidá Becomes a Cultural Phenomenon in Brazil

By MoCA-Americas Team

Just one day before its opening, "O Sangue no Alguidá" (At my End's Pit) by the acclaimed artists Gerson Fogaça, hailing from Goiás State, Brazil, and Pedro Juan Gutiérrez, widely recognized across the Ibero-American community for his literary career yet a newcomer to the visual arts scene, has been extensively promoted across Brazilian media. Numerous outlets have chronicled the fascinating journey of this exhibition, which faced censorship in several Rio museums and is set to make its U.S. debut at the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Americas.

Here are some outlets that have covered the news:

Tô Na Fama

Thiago Michelasi

GES – Gazeta Espírito Santo

Diario Baiano. Portal de Notícias Baiano

Jornal Dos Famosos

Notícias de São Paulo

GAL – Gazeta do Estado de Alagoas

Gazeta Tocantins

Jornal Serra Gaúcha

RS Río Grande do Sul Noticias

Voz Brasília

A Redação

Governo de Goiás

O Popular

Voadora Cultural

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