June 19th, 2024

MoCA-Americas Welcomes Ana Albertina Delgado's Latest Art Show

By MoCA-Americas Team

This afternoon, Wednesday, June 19th, MoCAA welcomed artists Ana Albertina Delgado and Adriano Buergo to finalize preparations for Ana Albertina's upcoming solo exhibition, which will open on Friday, July 12th at 7:00 PM. Although she has extensively participated in numerous group exhibitions, Women Who I Could’ve Been is her first solo show at the museum, featuring very recent works. The exhibition will include a total of twelve pieces, several of which are large-format.

Ana Albertina Delgado uses her pictorial language to express the current social debates surrounding diversity, emphasizing the role of women in society. With her paintings, Delgado builds human scenarios as metanarratives that reflect upon the construction of quotidian life while visualizing the social and psychological links between members of society.

She takes the temperature of her times, using her artistic tools to build a conversation surrounding social progression and change. Her characters are ambiguously connected to one another through their enigmatic abilities and capacity for seduction, often expressed through sexuality, as they explore the mystery of life.

Like a skilled fiction writer, Ana Albertina Delgado isolates the distinguishing qualities of her subjects and then amplifies those qualities visually and thematically in a way that celebrates humanity’s potential. While indistinctly, she takes as references urban mythology, as well as traditional country stories and myths.

Her paintings reveal the oddness of everyday life and the rebellious spirit that lurks within us all. We find ourselves identifying with her subjects, no matter how extreme. Delgado’s bold use of color and accomplished pictorial technique grab our attention; the richness of her thematic exploration secures it. Each painting is a narrative, a novel on canvas, complete with lead players, supporting cast, and flowing alongside the remarkable technical currents a dynamic plot that entertains, enlightens, and enchants.

Albertina and Adriano ran into the artist Carlos E. Prado at the museum. They took the opportunity to enjoy "Stubborn," his latest solo exhibition, and exchanged thoughts on the artwork.

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