July 27th, 2024

Ceramics Publication 'Ceramics Now' Highlights Carlos Enrique Prado Exhibition

By MoCA-Americas Team

The prestigious publication Ceramic Now yesterday published a critical review of Carlos Enrique Padro's solo exhibition, currently on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Americas in Kendall, in its permanent gallery. In his second solo exhibition at our institution, the renowned ceramist shares his latest series: Stubborn, with the local audience.

Ceramic Now is a magazine dedicated to contemporary ceramic art, serving as a comprehensive platform for artists, collectors, curators, and ceramic art enthusiasts. The magazine focuses on presenting and promoting the best of contemporary ceramic art worldwide, providing a space to explore and appreciate the work of innovative and emerging ceramists, as well as established figures in the field. Ceramic Now covers significant exhibitions, biennials, art fairs, and other relevant events in the ceramics world. This includes reviews of standout exhibitions and reports on key events that bring together the ceramic community.

The article "Of Anatomy and Corruption: Carlos Enrique Prado’s Stubborn & Cabeza Dura Series," written by Dr. Nathan Timpano, offers a brief overview of Carlos Enrique Prado's career as a ceramist and provides personal interpretations and insightful evaluations of his two latest series, "Stubborn: The Way of Sorrows" and "Cabeza Dura." Timpano draws analogies between the tortured vision of the human body by the English writer Mary Shelley and the pieces of Carlos Enrique Prado.

Prado's exhibition, since its opening on Friday, June 14, has attracted numerous artists and art critics to the Museum's halls. Stubborn presents a collection of works inspired by classical statuary, particularly torsos and heads, transformed with the unexpected incorporation of industrial objects. Through this juxtaposition, the exhibition invites viewers to reconsider the legacy of Western values and our perceptions of various aspects of life. In contrast to his previous series, Prado intentionally relinquished total control over the creative process, allowing it to unfold with less restraint. Although he continues to draw inspiration from classical sculptures as his primary reference, this time he explores diverse associations that emerge organically during the act of creation. Overall, he perceives in this series a profound struggle to define his own identity. His education as a Western artist, deeply rooted in the traditions of classical Greco-Roman art and Catholic pictorial imagery, has always been a significant influence. While these elements have permeated his career, in Stubborn, they converge, establishing a unique and uncanny dialogue.

Ceramic Now is a leading magazine in the promotion and documentation of contemporary ceramic art. Founded by Romanian editor Vasi Hîrdo in 2010, it has since played a crucial role in the dissemination of modern ceramics, providing a platform for artists, educators, and art enthusiasts worldwide. Today, Ceramic Now offers a variety of content including artist profiles, interviews, essays, critical articles, and exhibition announcements. Its goal is to foster understanding and appreciation of ceramic art, facilitating connections and dialogues within the global ceramic community. Ceramic Now also publishes a weekly newsletter that delivers engaging content and the latest news in the world of ceramics.

In its early years, the magazine was published in print format (2011-2015), but it is now primarily distributed digitally, allowing for greater reach and accessibility to a global audience. Additionally, since 2023, it has been a member of the International Academy of Ceramics (AIC-IAC), further enhancing its prestige and connection with the international ceramic community.

Dr. Nathan Timpano is currently Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Art & Art History at the University of Miami. His research focuses on the history of modern art & visual culture in Europe and the Americas, with a specialty in German and Austrian modernism. He teaches courses on 19th- & 20th-century European art, Viennese modernism, Surrealism in Europe & the Americas, and Latin American modernism.

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