April 4th, 2024

Pablo Rosendo Upcoming Artist in Residence at MoCAA

By Piter Ortega

Cuban artist Pablo Rosendo speaks in an interview on Canal Habana, Cuba, about a graffiti that he will do on the walls of our museum next June. Rosendo graduated from the University of the Arts of Cuba in 2018 and has held more than 15 solo and group shows. His style is based on monumentality, ephemeral character and the use of unconventional materials, while his themes address the ethical, moral, sexual, religious universes, the cycles of life and death, good and evil, reality and illusion. Stay tuned for details on the exact date of Rosendo's monumental graffiti at MoCA-Americas in June!

Rosendo states that: My artworks are large-format paintings and graffiti that address ethical, moral, sexual, and religious themes. From an aesthetic point of view, they have certain influences from surrealism, pop art, naïve painting and street art. The symbology around the animal universe is key in the pieces, as well as the allusions to the cycles of life and death, good and evil, reality and fiction.

Rosendo’s Web Site

See Rosendo on Canal Habana, Cuban Television

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