July 29th, 2024

Solo Exhibition by Renowned Artist Ana Albertina Delgado, July 12th, 2024

By MoCA-Americas Team

A little over seven years later, Ana Albertina Delgado returns to the halls of the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Americas. In March 2017, Ana Albertina showcased some of her work as part of the 'Poems' exhibition series at what was then the Kendall Art Center. This time, in a solo exhibition, she will present a series of pieces created over the past few years, with many of them completed this very year. An extraordinary opportunity for our audience to come into close contact with the poetic vision of this unique Cuban artist.

Ana Albertina Delgado uses her pictorial language to express the current social debates surrounding diversity, emphasizing the role of women in society. With her paintings, Delgado builds human scenarios as metanarratives that reflect upon the construction of quotidian life while visualizing the social and psychological links between members of society.

She takes the temperature of her times, using her artistic tools to build a conversation surrounding social progression and change. Her characters are ambiguously connected to one another through their enigmatic abilities and capacity for seduction, often expressed through sexuality, as they explore the mystery of life.

Let's share a bit of your story with our audience, Ana!

I was born and raised in Havana, Cuba in 1963, obtaining my U.S. citizenship in 1999. I began my arts studies in 1979 at the San Alejandro National School of Fine Arts in Havana, the oldest fine arts high school in Cuba, graduating in 1983. I then entered the Higher Institute of Arts (ISA), obtaining my Bachelor of Fine Arts with a specialization in Visual Arts, graduating Summa Cum Laude in 1988. In 1991 I finished a year-long course in silk screen techniques at René Portocarrero's screen printing workshop.I’ve participated in several group exhibitions shortly after graduating, participating and being known in Cuba as the 80’s generation of Art. During these years I was a part of several international museums collective exhibitions taking place in, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Finland, Germany, France, Spain and the United States.

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