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September 23 | 2022

As part of our ART & LITERATURE program, the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Americas (formerly known as the Kendall Art Center) features a presentation and panel discussion on the newly published book, "Fuera de este mundo: Comentarios sobre cine, televisión, sociedad y cultura" (Out of this World: Commentary on Film, Television, Society and Culture) by Rafael Piñeiro López.

March 15 | 2019

Panel Discussion: The II Convención de la Cubanidad by the Instituto Cubano de Ciencias Culturales de la Diáspora (ICCCD) discusses in Kendall Art Center the topics on Heritage and Generations of Cuban culture in exile and the Diaspora.
Panel 1: What cultural elements of the Cuban tradition have been perpetuated in the Diaspora during the last 60 years?
Panel 2: What cultural elements of the Cuban tradition have been transformed, or have expired, in the Diaspora during the last 60 years, and what new currents and traditions have emerged in it?
Moderated by Angel Velázquez Callejas, Roger Castillejo Olán, Augusto Lemus Martínez, Humberto Castro and Ricardo Pau-Llosa.

March 10 | 2018

Book Presentation
A longtime insider’s unprecedented look behind the “Sugar Curtain” during America’s long standoff with communist Cuba, by “one of this generation’s finest diplomats” (Ambassador Joseph Wilson) Our Woman in Havana chronicles the past several decades of US-Cuba relations from the bird’s-eye view of State Department veteran and longtime Cuba hand Vicki Huddleston, our top diplomat in Havana under Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush.
Moderated by Vicki Huddleston.

October 14 | 2016

"The Millennials Generation. Cuban Art 2001-2016". Book Presentation Book by curator and art critic Píter Ortega. This is the author's third publication, and offers an anthology of the younger generation of artists in today's Cuban cultural scene, from a wide range of artistic manifestations: painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, installation, videoart, performance. 40 emerging artists from the year 2001 are presented in the book to justify a turning point or changing epochal sensibility, which allows the author to speak of a new generation with a novel aesthetic within the contemporary Cuban art scene: "The Millennials Generation".
Moderated by Píter Ortega.

September 23 | 2016

The Kendall Art Center presents an open discussion on "El peso de una isla en el amor de un pueblo", book by Píter Ortega Núñez. A panel discussion and open forum with the author and Hortensia Montero (formerly curator of National Museum of Fine Art, Habana, Cuba).
Moderated by Henry Ballate.

July 15 | 2016

Shared Secrets
Shared Secrets is the title of the book by Pedro Avila Gendis (Camaguey, Cuba, 1959) that will be presented on September 23 at the Kendall Art Center. "Shared Secrets" brings together a selection of works from the last three series by this artist: "The voice of the earth", "Sublime landscapes" and "Interior space,"  2012 - 2016.
Moderated by Aldo Menendez.

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The Kendall Art Cultural Center (KACC), dedicated the past six years to the preservation and promotion of contemporary art and artists, and to the exchange of art and ideas throughout Miami and South Florida, as well as abroad. Through an energetic calendar of exhibitions, programs, and its collections, KACC provides an international platform for the work of established and emerging artists, advancing public appreciation and understanding of contemporary art.

Passion and Instinct: Collecting Art

A resemblance of the Rodriguez Collection

The Rodríguez collection is a blueprint of Cuban art and its diaspora. Within the context of the new MoCA-Americas the collection becomes an invaluable visual source for Diaspora identity. It represents a different approach to art history to try to better understand where we come from to better know where we are heading.

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