Women in the Arts

March 11 | 2022

As part of our WOMEN IN THE ARTS program, the Kendall Art Cultural Center presents it's third installment of Women Artists in the Rodríguez Collection with invited artist Gladys Triana in her adjacent solo exhibition: Gladys Triana in PERSPECTIVE. This collective exhibition of works by women artists from Leonardo Rodríguez's permanent collection, celebrates the important contributions these women have made to the arts with their innovation and creativity. The artwork in this exhibition showcases the work of women across generations; emphasizing the differences in style, expression and subject matter, which help us understand the unique vision and visual language inherent in each artist's work.

August 5 | 2020

Art Presentation
As part of the WOMAN IN THE ARTS programs, the Kendall Art Center is presenting at the Women in art lecture series. The lecture looks at women in art, the struggles they face and how they overcome them. The ethics of feminism, collectivism, equality and working art extend from these early groups into women’s activities in the following decades. Highlighting the tremendous diversity in the Miami Metro area, this lecture explores the vibrant artistic energy of women artists from many cultural backgrounds who have been collected by Cuban-born American businessman Leonardo Rodriguez and his family.
Moderated by Roxana M. Bermejo.

November 29 | 2019

Art Presentation
As part of the WOMAN IN THE ARTS programs, Kendall Art Center presents: Pubic Manifesto, a feminist action featuring political and cultural dimensions that the Cuba-born artist based in Costa Rica, Aimée Joaristi, has carried out in several cities around the world. Devised drawing on the dramaturgy of the performance, it ended up expanding its boundaries and becoming a de facto cultural gesture of protest, affirmation and empowerment of the female voice.
Moderated by Roxana M. Bermejo.

May 17 | 2019

As part of the WOMAN IN THE ARTS programs, Kendall Art Center presents an exclusive presentation of the book “La Resina Ámbar” by Zaida del Río. Zaida is one of Cuba’s most respected living female artists today. She gathers inspiration from her most profound desires for an equitable world in balance with Mother Nature.
Moderated by Henry Ballate.

September 1 | 2018

Presentation and Exhibition
As part of the WOMAN IN THE ARTS programs, Kendall Art Center presents: “CIELO DESPEJADO” Emma Artiles is a Cuban writer and cartoonist living in Miami. She has a degree in Spanish and Literature. She has published three books of poetry, an illustrated album and two novels for children and young people. "Clear Sky" deals with the relationship of a five-year-old girl and her grandmother at the moment when the signs of Alzheimer's begin to appear.
Moderated by Emma Artiles.

April 7 | 2018

Presentation and Exhibition
As part of the WOMAN IN THE ARTS programs, Kendall Art Center is proud to present “3W,” three individual art presentation where women are the focal point, both as subject matter and as artist. “3W Womens view” features the work of Aimee Perez, Angela Alés and Milena Martínez Pedrosa. Each woman presents an individual show that collide and highlights the complexities of being a woman in art, with all the passion, struggles and joy therein.
Moderated by Janet Batet, Roxana M. Bermejo and Odette Artiles.

December 10 | 2016

Art Presentation
As part of the WOMAN IN THE ARTS programs, Kendall Art Center presents: Poems, An Art Presentation with the idea of expanding the presence of female artists in the collection. "By the date of March, several proposals to complement the celebrations of International Women’s Day were planned: a personal exhibition by the young artist Lisyanet Rodríguez (1987) and a tribute to Gina Pellón (1926-2014), in a conversation with the creators Ivonne Ferrer (1968), Ana María Sarlat (1959) and Laura Luna (1959). At the same time, the Kendall Art Center (KAC) considered the idea - for the new space - to establish an intergenerational dialogue between different artists with a common artistic background."
Moderated by Gabriela García Azcuy.

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Passion and Instinct: Collecting Art

A resemblance of the Rodriguez Collection

The Rodríguez collection is a blueprint of Cuban art and its diaspora. Within the context of the new MoCA-Americas the collection becomes an invaluable visual source for Diaspora identity. It represents a different approach to art history to try to better understand where we come from to better know where we are heading.

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