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In an initiative to enrich our local community and support the artistic sphere, the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Americas of Kendall (formerly Kendall Art Center) established the SOFLO New Artist program in May of 2022. The purpose of this program is to promote new, emerging and mid-career artists. This program seeks to highlight and make known the cultural and artistic richness that resides in our community, allowing its members to discover and appreciate the incredible local talent.

Beyond simple promotion, SOFLO New Artist intends to serve as a springboard for the development of artistic careers. Offering a platform for these artists can open the door to new opportunities and provide them with greater visibility at a national and even international level. This effort will also provide artists a platform to share and disseminate their creative processes, inspirations, and experiences through a variety of interactive activities such as talks and workshops.

Additionally, this initiative will promote diversity and inclusion in the arts by welcoming artists from various backgrounds, genders, ages, and perspectives. We are committed to creating an environment that celebrates all forms of artistic expression and provides all artists the opportunity to shine. The impact of this program will also be felt in the local economy. By attracting visitors to the museum, we will be generating indirect income that will benefit the community as a whole, as visitors may spend on accommodation, food, transport, and other local services.

Moreover, emerging and mid-career artists are often a source of innovation and bring new approaches to art. By including them in our museum, we stay fresh, relevant, and in tune with contemporary art trends. With this program, we seek not only to support individual artists but also to foster the formation of a community of artists and art enthusiasts who can collaborate, exchange ideas, and support each other. We believe this is a key way to enrich the cultural life of our community and ensure it continues to thrive.

The Museum of Contemporary Art of the Americas of Kendall is currently drafting an open call program with the aim of organizing systematic and predominantly collective exhibitions during the summer months to materialize and implement all these initiatives. These short-term exhibitions will take place in the Aldo Menéndez room, the former transitional room of the Institution.


Pocket of Lollipops Concert at the Opening of Artistic License III

The band performed at the launch of the third edition of Artistic License at the MoCAA

Curated by


Jorge Rodríguez Diez (R10)

August 4th, 2023

Dagger Zine remarked that Pocket of Lollipops had a truly unique sound that was hard to pin down but easy to like. And rightly so, as this was the overarching impression of most attendees at the launch of Artistic License's third edition at the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Americas in Kendall. The duo put on a small concert for artists, family members, and the general public in the Aldo Menéndez hall, which typically showcases the institution's permanent collection.

The married couple comprises visual artist Maitejosune Urrechaga (vocals, bass, cello) and writer-filmmaker Tony Kapel (drums, synths, electronics). Various experts have impeccably defined their style, such as Sean Pajot from Miami New Times, who stated that Pocket of Lollipops "is an adorably angst-y indie rock kinda thing. Just imagine if pre-divorce Kim and Thurston of Sonic Youth took a couple's retreat to Japan, got real deep into Tokyo cat cafe culture, and decided to record a concept album in the hotel bathroom." Jasmine Bourgeois from TomTom Magazine describes them as: "Part band, part immersive sound project, Miami's Pocket Of Lollipops is an exceptional musical experience. Comprising Maitejosune Urrechaga and Tony Kapel, the duo delves into a broad spectrum of noise and sound-making techniques. This band delivers not only original and meticulously crafted music but a fascinating rendezvous with the unconventional that exceeds artistic confines." Colleen Dougher from SunSentinel observed, "The musicians seemed to play instinctively, with distinct personas that nevertheless originated from a singular source. The music can make the listener feel as though they too were levitating. The performers orchestrate a theatrical milieu of ceaseless intertwined transitions to suit the sounds. In the end, the audience is treated to Lollipops, an enigma that harks back to medieval times."

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Captivating Violin Performance by Cuban Artist Patricia Vega at MoCA-Americas

Talented Violinist Patricia Vega González-Piñera to Perform at 'A mí me manda Carmen' Exhibition Opening

Curated by


Jorge Rodríguez Diez (R10)

March 10th, 2023

During the grand opening of the exhibition 'A mí me manda Carmen', a tribute to the extraordinary creator Carmen Herrera by a collective of Cuban artists, held at the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Americas in Kendall, the talented violinist Patricia Vega González-Piñera graced the event with a mesmerizing concert.

The young artist captivated the attendees at the exhibition opening with her music—a selection of excerpts from renowned Cuban classical compositions of the 19th and 20th centuries. Patricia recently completed her Bachelor's degree in Music at the esteemed Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana (ISA) in January 2023, specializing in the violin. Prior to her graduation, she had already gained significant experience through performances in concerts, special events, and studio recordings. With an exceptional talent for chamber music and classical repertoire, Patricia masterfully navigates the technical aspects of violin performance, consistently evoking feelings of admiration and respect from her audience.

Even during her student years, Patricia eagerly shared her gift with the public. She was a dedicated member of a popular music quartet and served as a violin teacher at the National School of Art in Havana (ENA). Recently, she was affiliated with the orchestra of the prestigious Mozarteum Lyceum of Havana as a violinist. Her musical contributions have enhanced numerous ballet performances, operas, musical theater productions, and cabaret shows. In the studio, she has recorded for acclaimed artists such as Omara Portuondo, Pancho Amat, Ivette Cepeda, among many others. Her blossoming international career has already seen her perform in Switzerland, Canada, and France. Presently, she resides within the vibrant community of Kendall, Miami, Florida, and maintains a strong connection with MoCA-Americas.

Patricia Vega's enchanting violin performance during the exhibition opening added a captivating and memorable element to the tribute, immersing the audience in the rich tapestry of Cuban classical music. Her exceptional talent, combined with her dedication and artistry, positions her as an emerging artist to watch in the global music scene. As she continues to forge her path as a respected violinist, we eagerly anticipate her future endeavors and the joy she will undoubtedly bring to audiences worldwide.

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