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The ArtEdConnect program, developed through an exceptional collaboration between the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Americas (MoCAA) and various public art schools, along with some of their teachers' and artists' organizations, stands as a pioneering initiative in the realm of education and cultural dissemination. This program emphasizes the significance of forging close connections between the world of contemporary art and art education, providing an unparalleled platform for the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and resources.

ArtEdConnect emerges as a vital bridge connecting two essential spheres for the promotion of culture and creativity in society. On one hand, MoCAA, a bastion of contemporary art from across the Americas, with a particular focus on the artistic communities of South Florida, offers an extensive repertoire of artworks and exhibitions that reflect the unique trends, challenges, and perspectives of the continent. On the other hand, public art schools and their organizations represent the breeding ground for future artists, educators, and cultural leaders, who see in art a means of expression, reflection, and social transformation.

The significance of ArtEdConnect lies in its capacity to:

Facilitate access to contemporary art: Through this program, students and teachers have the opportunity to directly interact with current artworks, participate in guided tours, workshops, and lectures that broaden their understanding of art and its contexts. This democratizes access to art, allowing more individuals to experience its transformative power.

Promote the professional development of educators: ArtEdConnect provides art teachers with innovative pedagogical tools and educational resources that enrich their teaching, fostering educational methodologies that stimulate critical thinking, creativity, and personal expression in their students.

Stimulate collaborative artistic production: The program encourages joint projects between artists, students, and teachers, promoting collaborative work that transcends the classroom. These joint initiatives not only enrich learning but also contribute to the development of new works that engage with the contemporary socio-cultural environment.

Strengthen community ties: ArtEdConnect serves as a catalyst for the formation of a more united and committed educational and artistic community. Through art, spaces for dialogue, understanding, and cooperation are created among individuals of diverse ages, backgrounds, and perspectives, strengthening the social fabric.

Drive innovation in art education: This program establishes a collaborative model that can inspire other institutions and communities to seek synergies between the cultural and educational sectors. Integrating contemporary art into education opens new pathways for learning and aesthetic experience, challenging traditional paradigms.

In conclusion, ArtEdConnect symbolizes a firm commitment to a future where art and education go hand in hand towards building more informed, critical, and creative societies. By fostering collaboration between MoCAA and public art schools, this program not only enriches the education of students and teachers but also significantly contributes to cultural dynamism and intercultural dialogue between the present and the future of Art in our community.


DAEA President’s Showcase

Curated by

Alina Rodríguez, Jorge Rodriguez and Zahra Farook

March 8th - 14th March | 2024

Art as a discipline has the power to transcend boundaries and connect people from diverse origins through the universal language of creativity. In the vibrant world of art, associations play a crucial role in bringing together like-minded individuals who share a passion for artistic expression. One such association is the Dade Art Educators Association, a community that acts as a melting pot for artists of various genres and styles. Members of this enriched association had the generosity to share their art with colleagues and art enthusiasts at the DAEA President’s Showcase.

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Artistic Licence III

Curated by

MoCAA Team

August 4th - 30th | 2023

As we evolve into an increasingly visually-oriented society, the skills to identify and distinguish valuable objects, interpret symbolic meanings, and swiftly organize a deluge of captivating visual stimuli become indispensable. Contemporary education now more than ever requires educators specialized in visuality and, by extension, in the realm of visual arts. The artist-educator has always held a prominent position within the educational profession. Successful art teachers possess the unique ability to grasp the creative process and convey this elusive knowledge to others. Their key skill is inspiring student achievement.

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Curated by

Odette López

May 13th - June 10th | 2022

Carlos E. Prado comments on his personal exhibition: Tautologies refers to my most recent artistic production, a collection of ceramic sculptures mainly composed of the Recycling Piles series. I titled this collection Tautologies because I can draw a parallel between the meaning of the term and the way in which the content of my pieces unfolds. In general, the works can be described as assemblages of repeated copies of notorious sculptures, transformed into modular sections, patterns, and motifs, as part of new compositions in the shape of columns, stacks, and piles.

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